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Feedback: Edit cards v3

PPelberg (WMF) (talkcontribs)

📲 Instructions

Please tap this link on your mobile device:

On your mobile device, please complete the five tasks listed in the next section: “Tasks to test”

In you reply, please fill in your answers to the questions in the “Feedback” section*

*You are also welcome to send feedback via email. Please email Peter Pelberg at

☑️ Tasks to test

You will be working on a test version of Wikipedia. This means any changes you make will not affect actual Wikipedia articles.

Here are the five things we want you to try in the prototype.  Be sure to try these on your mobile device at 📲Edit Cards v3 prototype

  1. Add a new link to another Wikipedia article; review and then publish your changes
  2. Edit the label of an existing link; publish your changes
  3. Change the target of an existing link to another Wikipedia article; publish your changes
  4. Change the target of an existing link to an external link; publish your changes

📢 Feedback

In your reply, we are curious to know your answers to the questions below. Of course, if you have other thoughts, we would like to know those too!

  1. As you were completing the tasks above, at what points was it not clear what to do next? If all steps were clear, please tell us!
  2. As you were completing the tasks above, did anything behave in a way that you did not expect?
  3. What are some of your overall impressions of the Edit Cards v3 prototype? Do you find it clear? Confusing? Helpful?
  4. Were you *not* able to complete any of the tasks listed above? Please tell us which tasks you were *not* able to complete.
  5. How frequently do you edit using the visual editor on desktop and/or mobile?

Pelagic (talkcontribs)


0. Initial loading of test page appeared to hang, but after switching tabs to check the instructions and changing back, the page had eventually rendered. Might be an artefact of the test environment or the device, no biggie. Might repeat this exercise in a sandbox elsewhere if v3 is now live.

1. Adding a wikilink was fine, though I hit several weird/messy VE things unrelated to adding link (formatting, inability to cancel out of workflow and start over). Full-page layout of the search card with separate areas for label, search term, and results was good. Insta-search was disconcerting, probably just because there aren't many pages in the test instance to populate the results and I was just seeing my search term echoed back as a redlink. I accidentally missed the review step because I didn't see the Review Your Changes button (and maybe wasn't reading the instructions closely enough).

2. Edit link label. I found three different ways to do this, one doesn't even involve the Edit Link card. Generally using an on-screen touch keyboard, you have to get used to switching between typing and navigating modalities (i.e. whether or not the keyboard is showing and insertion cursor active), so it's not completely unexpected. Sliding the edit cursor into a link and having the bounding box appear was smooth, I didn't feel unsure about whether my cursor was in or out of the link.

3. Edit link target. I'd already explored, so this was a straightforward exercise of the skills from steps 1 & 2.

4. Finding the selector to switch between Wiki link and External link was easy. Pasted long URL and text box didn't expand. Couldn't scroll text back to start of URL by dragging cursor. After inserting the link, its info card only showed the start of the URL truncated to one line instead of wrapping.


1. Tasks clear, except I missed the part about viewing the diff, as mentioned above.

2. Anything unexpected? Different behaviours in typing versus tapping modes was initially a bit WTH? But makes sense after the first time. Tapping Publish consistently resulted in 'Something went wrong | Unknown error, HTTP status 0' though changes often did save. Managed to create an edit conflict with myself at one point.

3. Edit cards generally clear and helpful. Appreciate the change of the first "Publish changes …" button to just the chevron ">". Consistent use and placement of "X" "<" ">" for navigation feels right. Would like URL box to accommodate more text.

4. Apart from error-on-publish mentioned above, was able to complete tasks. Did switch to source mode to fix a formatting problem that couldn't be corrected in visual mode, but this was nothing to do with Edit Cards.

5. Only rarely use Visual Editor on either platform. Adding links and templates is something I find a barrier desktop VE.

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