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Renaming Wikisource pages to new titles.

Summary by ZI Jony

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Ineuw (talkcontribs)

Is there someone who (has the authority) to execute update querries on four misnamed Wikisource volumes? It would entail the renaming of the 4 djvu files and rename about 820 pages in each volume and replace the the same in the main namespace pages.

Wargo (talkcontribs)

Use bot to move these pages

Ineuw (talkcontribs)
Ankry (talkcontribs)

The list of changes is incomplete and probably the suggested changes are incorrect.

  1. I think subpages of file pages are unsuppoerted (as "/" is not a legal character in a filename AFAIK); I see you decided to change "/" to "-"
  2. moving an index/file page requires to move the associated pages in Page namespace; and this is good idea to prepare the list of required moves in advance as after the move you lose the list of pages
  3. There are sometimes problems with redirects in Index namespace (they may need manual fixing of page content model by admin and they seems to be not fully supported by proofreadpage). I would suggest avoiding such redirects, but this requires fixing all pages linking to them.

The (2) suggests that the move is performed by an admin who is a also a bot operator or has online support of a bot operator (to synchtonise the changes and make the mess as short in time as possible). (Admin rights should not be necessery, but they may be needed for fixing (3) or any accidental mistakes).

Making such a move on an index being worked on in always a mess for them.

I made some such moves in, but not such massive ones. My bot has not the bot flag here, so I cannot help at the moment.

Ineuw (talkcontribs)

Ankry, thanks for the advice. I forgot about the "/"slash in the index file name and it was converted to a "-" hyphen automatically by move process. I will correct my list accordingly. Already posted a bot request on en.WS

Ineuw (talkcontribs)

Replying to my own comment. I began the move on the Mediawiki Commons, where the originals and images are kept - before renaming the .djvu file in Wikisource. The Wikisource move failed and I am stuck with a self-made mess. Would it be possible to restore EVERYTHING to their original state on the Commons and Wikisource? The reason being that a forward moving process of correcting my mistakes will leave behnid a big mess.

Wargo (talkcontribs)