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I'm getting the following error message quite often: "Sorry, an infinite loop occurred. The editor had to shut down. Please check your wiki page for errors." But it seems to save the changes.

DuncanCrane (talkcontribs)

Sorry for the delay in replying. That usually means the TinyMCE extension has encountered a problem when converting the editor HTML back to wiki markup. Specifically it is usually when dealing with an HTML block construct such as headers, lists and definitions etc. It may have saved all the text up to the point it encountered the problem which is why it appears to have saved something. If the block was not closed it may have saved all the text as markup but if you re-enter the TinyMCE editor it is likely the text will look strange. If you can identify the specific input that causes the problem that would help me isolate the bug. Many thanks - Duncan

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Krunalb (talkcontribs)

While Creating new Heading get the same error. on preview it still show the change and when try to save it deleted most of the body of the article. (talkcontribs)


Thank you for trying this extension. I've not been able to reproduce this error simply by creating and saving headings in various combinations. I suspect it may be a result of something else in the article, possibly in combination with adding headings. Would you provide a link to the page with the error or an image of the page or the content of the article so I can test this to reproduce the problem?



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