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Geagea (talkcontribs)
  • 1) The import log should be added to the file info as a separate section or Information field. The information regarding to Who moved the file, from which project and date of move. Now it look like the file uploaded directly to Commons by original uploader. Some info must be given her.
  • 2) If one of the imported files nominated for deletion. The original uploader gets notification in Commons. The user that moved the file does not get any notification. This is not healthy. The user that moved the file to Commons is the real uploader of the file to Commons. He must be notified as well. And also. The discussion about the deletion will be in Commons. Might be some problems with that. For example, part of the users from active only in and uploading files to Involving in DR discussion might be a problem for them. Language problem, not familiar enough with Commos rules etc. I have no instant idea to solve it but we must give it a thought.
  • 3) I don't think it is correct to link the original uploader in Commons. See the screenshot of the file I have moved from See A in the field of the author I added the template: Commons Template user at project and also B Should link to the author in his own wiki - the wiki he uploaded the file firstly.
Perhelion (talkcontribs)
  • 2) Any example for your claim? I know only a bug in the Commons mobile App phab:T232142
Geagea (talkcontribs)
Perhelion (talkcontribs)

Yes it is more general. You are right, as you described the problem more detailed on Commons.

Geagea (talkcontribs)
Pikne (talkcontribs)
  • 1) It's somewhat similar to moving a file within a wiki. Then file also wasn't uploaded directly to new location. I think it makes sense that import information is kept in page history and logs along with other information on who did what to a file. While the situation that file version wasn't uploaded directly to Commons is relatively new, it has been the case for page revision imports for quite some time that author necessarily didn't edit on the very same wiki. I think we'll get used to it regarding file versions too. :)
  • 2) Notifying the importer might be something for maintainers of the gadget behind "Nominate for deletion" sidebar link on Commons to consider. Discussion being on Commons and possible language problem concern earlier files moved to Commons, too. Having FileImporter and cross-wiki notifications I'd say is definitely an improvement in this matter as it's easier to notify the original uploader. Wiki communities should probably give thought on how to handle these discussions better and then see if this leads to some specific technical feature request.
  • 3) File version being attributed to local user on Commons to my understanding is deliberate. T209346 has some of the background. Editable links, including links to user pages, were already set to point back to source wiki automatically (T198584). As for "user at project" template I know that some people use it, but I've never felt comfortable with it. After all, author field is where author provides proper attribution in accordance with licensing terms, and we probably shouldn't alter this by adding something like "from Wikipedia" to it. Using this template probably isn't straightforward enough to include it for all FileImporter imports.
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