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Tabular presentation lost after source edits in Page Forms

Cavila (talkcontribs)

Not sure if I should report this here or on the Page Forms talk page.

Someone alerted me of a problem that can occur if you're working in Page Forms. I was able to reproduce it by following these steps:

  • Either edit or create a table in a textarea field in Page Forms, with the TinyMCE extension enabled
  • Then open the dialog "View and edit wiki source code"
  • Press OK to close the dialog
  • Go back to the table in the textarea field

MW 1.27.0 + PF 4.5.3 + TinyMCE 0.3

Result: The table syntax is no longer rendered to produce a table. (The pipes are still properly escaped I think but that's about it. )

I have followed the same steps in the regular wiki editor and everything checks out fine there.

DuncanCrane (talkcontribs)

Hi Thank you for using this extension and I'm sorry I didn't spot your post earlier. I couldn't find a PageForms release 4.5.3 but tried the final releases for 4.3, 4.4, 4.5 and the current release 4.6 but couldn't get the problem to reproduce. Possibly it was fixed in one of the minor releases of PF or one of the bug fixes on TinyMCE 0.3? If you are still having problems and have tried downloading the current versions then would you let me have a copy of the wiki text as it appears in the 'View and edit wiki source code' dialog? Many thanks - Duncan

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