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Some design changes of Documentation template

Iniquity (talkcontribs)

So everyone gets rid of the icons and colors of the old sample, I slightly changed the design of the {{Documentation}} template by analogy with the template from the Russian Wikipedia. Which changes:

  • Cleaner HTML. Separate blocks and classes for header, content and footer blocks.
  • All styles are transferred to CSS - Module:Documentation/sandbox/styles.css.
  • Color changed from green to common blue.
  • Footer is no longer built on {{fmbox}}.
  • Added some fixes from English Wikipedia.
  • Replaced documentation icon for icon from OOUI set.
  • Replaced sandbox icon for more cleaner.
  • Add translation table Module:Documentation/sandbox/i18n, it depends on local wiki language, for now.

Please, check it here - Template:Documentation/sandbox :) I want to hear your opinion.

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

Looks good to me

Tomybrz (talkcontribs)
Tomybrz (talkcontribs)

I'ill move the page

Tomybrz (talkcontribs)

Yes Done

Iniquity (talkcontribs)

Wow! Thanks :)

Serhio Magpie (talkcontribs)

Latest changes with round border and shadow looks not so nice and dated, previous edition was much cleaner. Documentation is only content on pages this kind, no needed to enforce layering. Current used skins (vector, minerva) have straight lines, round borders looks foreign.

Tomybrz (talkcontribs)
Iniquity (talkcontribs)

Thanks for you work! :) Can you update the last version of styles.css?

Viztor (talkcontribs)
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