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Does this work with SAML SSO Integration?

Summary by Cindy.cicalese

When using Extension:SimpleSamlAuth, you must set $wgCreateUserPage_OnLogin=false;

Revansx (talkcontribs)

Hi Cindy,

I just installed v1.2 (d36a151) of this extension on my meza deployed mw 1.31.1 (a4c8065) using SAML as the SSO and was surprised that it didn't work. I'm not a SAML export but I'm wondering if you can think of any reason why this wouldn't work out of the box with SAML-based SSO authentication.


CCicalese (WMF) (talkcontribs)

If the SAML extension you are using does not support the UserLoginComplete hook, you would have the same problem that we discussed at Topic:U0mwtk3njfvf3moi. Did you try setting $wgCreateUserPage_OnLogin to false to see if that makes a difference?

Revansx (talkcontribs)

Trying now

Revansx (talkcontribs)

Yep. Setting $wgCreateUserPage_OnLogin=false; did the trick. Thanks!

Cindy.cicalese (talkcontribs)
Revansx (talkcontribs)

Yes. per Meza 31.8 to be exact. Does this mean that since SimpleSAMLphp supports the UserLoginComplete hook that something is wrong with my SimpleSAMLphp integration?

Cindy.cicalese (talkcontribs)

No. There are two different MediaWiki extensions that work with the PHP simpleSAMLphp library: Extension:SimpleSamlAuth and Extension:SimpleSAMLphp. The former is the one that you are using (which is included in meza), and it does not support the UserLoginComplete hook. The latter does support the UserLoginComplete hook.