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Tofiq Kərimli (talkcontribs)

A basic installation of Wikibase is pretty much straight forward and basically consists of 4 steps:

# getting Wikibase

# fetching dependencies

# modifying LocalSettings.php

# running some maintenance scripts.

The latter is not clear to me. I can not figure out.

You write:

# if composer is available as a binary composer install --no-dev # if you downloaded composer.phar php composer.phar install --no-dev # Or use dockerized version (does not require PHP or composer installed) docker run -it --rm --user $(id -u):$(id -g) -v ~/.composer:/tmp -v $(pwd):/app install --no-dev

But I can not understand where the file is located? Can you tell me this? Thanks in advance.

Malyacko (talkcontribs)

Where is that written? Please provide a link to the documentation that you're following.

Tofiq Kərimli (talkcontribs)
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