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How do I move a wiki to another URL?

Summary by RhinosF1

Solved by reporter

David Shell (talkcontribs)


I want to move a wiki to another URL with a different domain. I updated all the settings in the PHP files, but the website still redirects to the old URL. I searched and found out there are tables in the database (MySQL) which contain the previous URL, but I can't view or edit the data with phpmyadmin. Do I have to convert them and how? Or is there another reason why the website redirects to the old URL?


AhmadF.Cheema (talkcontribs)
David Shell (talkcontribs)

Yes, $wgServer is updated to the new URL.

David Shell (talkcontribs)

OK, I think I found the problem. There was a redirect to the old URL in the web server (Apache) configuration files which I was not aware of. Thank you.