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how to change lampp (xampp) repository for mediawiki?

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hi ,

my lamp installation that hosts mediawiki 1,32 on the Cenots OS 7 is having problem with overfilling space. (due to some loggs) so I copied over whole /opt/lampp/ into new different file system with more space available: /opt/cloudhost/lampp.

In my /opt I made symbolic link for like:

lampp -> /opt/clouldhost/lampp

I renamed the orginal /opt/lampp hoping the system would use the new location from synonym..

but now the main web page cannot be displayed and showing that it cannot access the database.

What else (confing?) needs to be adjusted to fix it?

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

Was your database (mysql?) inside /opt/lampp/? Maybe you need to change some configuration in mysql to tell where the files are now, maybe it doesn't like symlinks. Try to look at mysql error logs.

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