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Summary for our discussion

Ghuron (talkcontribs)

Web UI for manual synchronization of upstream (at changes with local wikis that can:

  • Lists modules/templates that potentially can be synchronized with copies in selected wikiproject alongside with status (up-to-date, ready for update, update blocked, etc)
  • Shows diff (for "read for update" item)
  • Applies changes on behalf of logged in (via OAuth) user

@Yurik did I miss anything important?

Yurik (talkcontribs)

Sounds about right! I think there should be a single page with these options (essentially - a tree-like structure with expandable sub-sections, where a section might be generated on the fly via some XHR work):

  • List of all pages that have wikidata flag, each with a summary status (e.g. 20 up to date, 4 protected, 5 can be updated, 3 have local modifications, 10 have missing dependencies, etc)
  • Each page can be extended to show status groups with the list of wikis in that group (e.g. up to date: enwiki, frwiki, ...; Need updating: ...)
  • Be able to see a page diff for any page, even if no update is needed (expand inline, better than a separate diff page)
  • Be able to expand more than one page, eg expand a whole subgroup
  • For bonus points, would be good to be able to see groups by revision, e.g. these wikis are 5 revisions behind.
  • When a wiki is given (some global setting), show summary for that wiki only, eg list of pages up to date, pages that can be updated, etc
  • Clicking on any page should expand into a diff
  • Ideally all this should be a single page with dynamic content (Gmail style), rather than multiple pages.


Yurik (talkcontribs)

@Ghuron finally had a chance to re-review everything above, and update it. thx!

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