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Migration of old Wiki from version 1.10.1 to SharePoint Online

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During the course of performing some cleanup and shutting down old servers, we found out the hard way that one of our teams is still using a Wiki on a very old piece of hardware (that MUST go away) and we have been tasked with migrating the content to another Platform.

As this is literally my first project working with a Wiki, I'm hoping that some of the experts out there can weigh in and let me know;

1) Is it even possible to migrate content from a Wiki on version 1.10.1 to SharePoint online?

2) What methods/tools would you suggest we use to carry out the migration?

I've been doing quite a bit of research over the past few days and haven't come across much information that is truly helpful..

We're really just looking for some guidance/advice here. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


-Wes (talkcontribs)

Thanks for your response, and yes, I'm referring to MediaWiki. Apologies for any confusion.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say "We don't know about SharePoint Online"??

Someone reached out to me regarding a Metalogix product that supposedly will do migrations from MediaWiki to SharePoint Online. That is the goal here.

I'm really just trying to understand if it is even possible to take the old MediaWiki site (with all of it's contents) and move it into a SharePoint environment?

Again, if anyone can provide some guidance or has experience with similar migrations, I'd love to know how you made that work.

Thanks again.


Malyacko (talkcontribs)

I provided a link with information how to export MediaWiki content. is not SharePoint Online. If you have questions about SharePoint Online's import skills or about something called "Metalogix" (whatever that is), you'll probably have to ask in a SharePoint Online support forum...

Malyacko (talkcontribs)

When you write "Wiki", do you mean "MediaWiki"? We don't know about "SharePoint Online" so this might be a question for a "SharePoint Online" forum. See Help:Export for exporting MediaWiki content.

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