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Selecting a Redis database ID to use?

Bctrainers (talkcontribs)


I looked over the code (from what i could see for Redis), and did not come across a function or setting that could be set in the array (wgObjectCaches / wgJobTypeConf) section to define what database to store data to. Right now, MediaWiki is storing all redis data in database 0 - which well, isn't quite ideal for my setup. I would like to have it stored in a database that is non-zero.

In doing so, I've attempted using the traditional way of appending /12 to the server array segment in the form of

From $wgObjectCaches['redis'] = array(

'servers'           => array( '' ),

From 'redisServer' within $wgJobTypeConf['default'] = [

  => array( '' ),

This does not work, and causes sessions to fail, and ultimately causes a 503 on the nginx server (running php 7.3 fpm).

So i come here to ask this... is there any support for MediaWiki to use a set database ID on Redis?

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