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Tenbergen (talkcontribs)

Hi Richard, I saw your post in Extension_talk:Mermaid, and it sounds like you have solved a problem I am having as well. I am not sure some details, though.

  1. format is now plainlist, template is deprecated; did you have to update anything?
  2. you say "use the "import-annotation=true" - so is it true or yes? SMW documentation makes it look like "yes"
  3. you say "notice that the template begins with a "CR/LF". This is crucial for the Mermaid parser call to process properly." - do you actually mean "make sure"? And, do you mean "put the wiki typical two empty lines" or "put a
    ", or something different yet?

Thanks in advance! If I get this figured out I plan to put a page on the SMW documentation to make this a bit easier on the next person. Tenbergen (talk) 21:19, 18 March 2019 (UTC)

Revansx (talkcontribs)

Hi @Tenbergen,

  1. The depreciation of the "template" format is not something I knew about. Thanks. I'm still on MW 1.30 and SMW 2.5.6 so I can't comment on that.
  2. "true" works for me. Not sure about SMW 3.0.0 .. if "true" doesn't work, give "yes" a try.
  3. In the template that I call from my ASK statement, I make sure to start the content of the template 1 line down - just use the "enter key" in the wiki source.

If my responses don't make sense or don't work for you, I'll try to give you an explicit example, but all the little tricks it took me a while to discover are shared here so I think it will work for you once you start tinkering and testing. Please let me know how it goes.

Tenbergen (talkcontribs)

Actually you sent me off in the right direction there. I had some <br>s in my template to lay things out cleaner; when I ran them directly that worked fine, but apparently what was spit out into the mermaid tag didn't work. Took out the <br>s and now it works.

Mind you, I had also added the blank line at the top of the template as you mentioned. I just took that out again, and the template still works. So there must be further trickery involved yet.

I am starting the documentation on SMW wiki at - if you have any tricks to add, that would be great. I will email Karsten to see what his thoughts are on where to put this on SMW wiki, a sub-page of my user page doesn't tie this in well with other content.

Thanks for your help!

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