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More elements in a MainCategories array

S pokras (talkcontribs)

We have Wikidelphia in Philadelphia, PA

$wgMSCS_MainCategories = array( 'Category1', 'Category2' );

When I put more than 9 elements in the array, I get an error message when starting my Wiki.

*Is there some way to be able to add more?

*In my case I'd like about 12 "Top Level Tags" (perhaps a few more in the future)

If someone has a fix for this, please write me: stan(at)communitymagic(dot)org

Thank you!

S pokras (talkcontribs)

I believe that my problem was caused by incorrect coding of the apostrophe. I have added additional items to the array by copying the items that are working, pasting that and editing it to contain the appropriate category name. My setup tries to edit both copies of a pasted item, so I have had to start editing the copied category by just adding to it and then deleting the unnecessary text.

I have a much more important issue with McCatSelect deleting any more than ten categories if they exist. I'll post that in a new topic.

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