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ConfirmAccount new user welcome message?

DrinkBoy (talkcontribs)

Aaron, pardon me if this isn't the right way to deal with this. I "just" created a MediaWiki site, and your extension has been the first one I've installed so far.

I noticed that after installing your extension, a "user talk" message is posted to the users that I confirm. It is along the lines of:

"Welcome to Chanticleer Society! We hope you will contribute much and well. You will probably want to read the help pages. Again, welcome and have fun! DrinkBoy"

I've tried searching through MediaWiki, as well as various settings on my site and can't find out where this is coming from? I would like to change it to better reflect some of the duties, responsibilities, and suggested activities for new users.

Is this something your extension is doing? If so, how do I change it, if not, do you have any hints on how I might be able to find it?



Chadberg (talkcontribs)

Robert, This is found in the SystemMessages area, and if you go into Special Pages and into the System Messages, and look through you'll find this text and can edit it.

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