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I'm haveing trouble with translating math formulae

கி ஐய்யப்பன் (talkcontribs)

how can I solve this?

Leaderboard (talkcontribs)

What is the exact issue? Please include as much detail as possible.

Pginer-WMF (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the feedback, @கி ஐய்யப்பன்.

Support for math formulas is not optimally supported currently. We have plans to improve support for math and other kinds of specific content such as chemical notation, music scores, poems, timelines and more. However, we are currently giving priority to supporting general elements that appear in all kinds of articles such as references or templates, as opposed to those elements that are used on a more specific knowledge area.

Meanwhile it is very useful for us to better understand which specific elements are most frequently translated, and which kind of support users need. So feel free to share any particular example that helps us to identify the needed improvements.


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