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Can't replace the toggle button pictures/signs

7 (talkcontribs)

The replacement doesnt work in MW 1.27 - it works only "on load" - after click on the image (for toggle) the other bullet isn't shown. it displays the given wiki code for the other bullet - like with "nowiki" tags around it - on the page. And then the toggle back (after clicking on this "textlink") still shows the code and doesn't display the first bullet again ...

Tacsipacsi (talkcontribs)

Could you clarify the problem? Some screenshots would certainly help. (You can upload them to a free image share website if you don’t want to sign up on (talkcontribs)

No solution yet ... we try the latest master-branch in some minutes ... maybe this will work?! i will give a report here after that ... (talkcontribs)

okay, the latest master-branch needs MW 1.29 at least ... so it doesn't work with MW 1.27

We try now the Extension Version for MW1.25 ... other users say that the problems with the collapse/expand pictures came with 1.26 ...

Telechick (talkcontribs)

Extension Snapshot 1.25 also doesn't work ... with MW 1.27 ...

Telechick (talkcontribs)

here i have some screenshots which shows the initial page, the "bad" design at toggle and the also bad design after toggle back at two examples ... (talkcontribs)

solved - i changed ".text" for collapse and expand node in ext.categoryTree.js to ".html" ... now it shows my images correctly ...

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