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RobertGoff (talkcontribs)

I finished entering parameters and began installation in the mw-config process, which then stalled during "creating tables..." Following the error messages back to maintenance/mssql/Tables.sql and running it manually I found several errors:

  • Several instances of attempting to create tables with 'unsigned' integer columns. MSSQL does not support unsigned integers; I removed the 'unsigned' keyword.
  • slots, slot_roles, content, and content_models were defined in the wrong order based on their dependencies.
  • In the externallinks definition, the default for el_index needed to be converted to varbinary
  • image_comment_temp attempts to define a foreign key on image(imagecomment_name), which doesn't exist. After comparing it with the same table definition in the Oracle file, I changed it to image(img_name)
  • CONSTRAINT FK_fa_description occurs twice; I changed the constraint name in fa_description_id to FK_fa_description and removed the second reference
  • comma missing after definition of rc_patrolled

I saved the Tables.sql file, dropped the database, deleted .mdf and .ldf files for the database, and resumed the installation. Unfortunately after that the installation stopped before producing LocalSettings.php with an error "page already exists". There wasn't enough information in the error message to troubleshoot, so I'll have to go code-diving to find the cause of this.

Changes to the /mssql/tables.sql have been uploaded to

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