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Database too big to import, "official" support?

Semako96 (talkcontribs)

After managing to successfully dump a huge 2.3GB database, I now need to import it into the new server's database system, but it is too big to be imported via phpMyAdmin, which only supports files of up to 200 MB, and another script especially for big dumps I tried errors out because the tables themselves are too big (extended assets error).

I also contacted the new hosting provider's support, but maybe you can help me too?

I want to upload the table and hopefully get the wiki running and then make a full backup before starting to edit the DB to reduce the size and increasing the performance...

Is there any kind of "official" support I can trust and provide access data for my server for better help? Only asking there, eventually provding screenshots or code snippes is much more complicated than having a trustworthy supporter checking the problems directly on my server.

Semako96 (talkcontribs)

Is there an option/page like Administrator's Noticeboard or Vandalism Report where I can report the spammer? (talkcontribs)

With a dump totaling 2.3 GB in size I have doubts you might be on a shared host, hence your issue. Clarifying this would help.

It would be needed to know if your hosting provider supports databases that big (they might not), and if they do, then you have 2 issues: timeouts and dump size. However I do not understand why would you think backing the DB after it gets uploaded to whatever backend your hosting provider sets you up with will make the dump decrease in size - unless you expect to delete contents, which you can also do on a local installation and ease the burden on the upload/import procedures.

The only way thing I can think off is that you manually cut lines (full lines!) off the dump so that you split the import into a bunch acceptable-sized files, which will run smoothly as INSERT statements should end within the line (CREATEs are different tho...).

PS: Spammer seems to have been blocked already as per meta:Special:CentralAuth/Bhanav11, and got another shiny warning at his talk page on the only other wiki he has ever used, w:User_talk:Bhanav11 .

Semako96 (talkcontribs)

I mean that I want to do the database import first and get the wiki running, then do a full backup and then do stuff to reduce the database size like deleting tables of no longer needed extensions (flagged revisions comes to mind) and running the scripts mentioned here in the manual, since only the new webspace has shell access.

I use the largest packet on a shared hoster, and the wiki isn't that active, it has roughly 6000 pages and around 10k images or so, but isn't quite active (which I hope will change...). So aside from the large database size, it should run pretty fine on that shared hoster.

And, as I already asked is there some kind of "official" support or so, which I can trust and provide access data to the servers so that they can look up the old and new server to help me with the database prroblem? I hope you understand that I don't want to give access data to some random users nobody knows... ;)

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

There's Professional development and consulting in case you need something formal. About your issue, if your shared host doesn't allow you command line access to import the dump of the database, there's probably nothing to do about this, unless you manually split the dump in chunks and import each one separately (talkcontribs)

What you can do @Semako96 is instead of waiting for your hosting to import your dump (*provided they do support such sizes per schema*) is, instead of waiting on your hosting provider to import the dump and then tweak the DB on production (live), is to install a Apache+PHP+SQL enviroment along with a mediawiki deployed with all the extensions you intend to use, in another computer you have such as your laptop or destop computer (local/staging install), and use it as your personal server in which to tweak the database and reduce its size.

If you want to go down that way, but dont know where to start setting up a local enviroment, you can check out projects as xampp, that will deal with it for you and ley you jump directly to start deployment of mediawiki and its plugins.

Just be careful of connecting that computer to open networks (as free wi-fi) with those services running and unconfigured firewalls, as they could be a security risk.

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