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Possible to use SimpleMathJax for Client-side Rendering?

Mike.fochtman (talkcontribs)

I know the whole 'Math rendered by client-side MathJax' question had been argued and debated long ago (read through Task 99369 (Gerrit:212270) ). But I think that was all prior to Extension:SimpleMathjax. This is a really small, easy to implement extension that can be configured to use a CDN or the same host for supplying the MathJax code to the browser. It allows the author to write in TeX, a plus in many peoples opinion, and does not require browser add-ins to display on modern browsers such as Chrome.

It's been about 4 years and I think it may be appropriate to revisit this issue.

Specifically, I'm maintaining a wiki that does NOT have internet access, and frankly, getting Mathoid service running is NOT nearly as simple as SimpleMathJax. First nodejs, then mathoid, then librsvg which requires GTK, and a restbase service? and a compiler? That's when I gave up on Mathoid. Simplemathjax it was just install Mathjax on my server, configure SImplemathjax and done.

By changing the settings in SimpleMathjax ( $wgSmjInlineMath) I was able to have it perform client-side rendering of the math tags very quickly. But, it doesn't seem to be supported inside the Visual Editor. So I was hoping to use this extension and somehow resurrect client-side rendering?

Physikerwelt (talkcontribs)

The Math extension is deployed by WMF and preliminary optimized to serve the needs of WMF and wikis connected to the internet. For those who are not connected to the internet, the option is to use mathoid in CLI mode. This requires librsvg, node, and mathoid. Restbase is not needed. Improvements to the documentation are appreciated, but I have no capacity at all to improve the documentation myself.

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