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Angrydog001 (talkcontribs)

when I run, it returns:

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "", line 264, in <module>

   if not main():

  File "", line 257, in main

   run_python_file(filename, [filename] + args, argvu, file_package)

  File "", line 120, in run_python_file


  File ".\scripts\", line 880, in <module>


  File ".\scripts\", line 859, in main

  File ".\scripts\", line 611, in run

   for users in self.parseNewUserLog():

  File ".\scripts\", line 563, in parseNewUserLog

   yield pywikibot.User(

  File "D:\Pywikibot\core-aoa-zh\pywikibot\", line 122, in page

   self._page = pywikibot.Page(,['title'])

  File "D:\Pywikibot\core-aoa-zh\pywikibot\", line 34, in __missing__

   raise KeyError("Log entry (%s) has no '%s' key" % (self._type, key))

KeyError: "Log entry (newusers) has no 'title' key"

<class 'KeyError'>

CRITICAL: Closing network session.

Angrydog001 (talkcontribs)

What should I do?

Xqt (talkcontribs)

File this bug to phabricator

Framawiki (talkcontribs)

Hi Angrydog001, please fill a ticket on phab phab:/project/view/87/, with the command you entered to start the script, the full traceback present in your last message and the output of `python version` command.