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Suggestion: Expose ability to sort changes using a url parameter, e.g. &rcdir=newer

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It is impossible to view oldest changes if those exceed the 500 - 1000 limit.

Proposed solution

  1. Make rcdir=newer and rcdir=older work on recentchanges pages
  2. Make it work as a simpler initial implementation only available as a url parameter
  3. Make it work exactly the same way as the API(see API:RecentChanges or&list=recentchanges&rcdir=newer&rclimit=500)


A full interface is not part of this suggestion.

When combined with recentchanges from parameter (e.g. Special:RecentChanges&from=20181207124145) this would effectively be a poor man's version of navigation for older changes (pagination). For example, it would allow users to do something like Special:RecentChanges&from=20181207124145&dir=newer, and would work pretty much like

Exposing it solely as a URL parameter is simpler, and hopefully trivial, and opens the door to a simpler implementation using userscripts or javascript. This would be much like how the search engine provides the ability to sort (Special:Search/booo?sort=last_edit_asc ) without an interface.

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