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Some changes to help you find your way back up from footnotes

Summary by Trizek (WMF)

Yes Announced

Johanna Strodt (WMDE) (talkcontribs)

When you've jumped to a footnote that's referenced several times in an article, finding your way up to your previous reading position can be tricky. This software change hopes to make it easier for you to jump back to the right spot in the article body from a multi-referenced footnote:

You can now

1) click on the arrow at the beginning of the footnote (in some wikis, like enwiki, it's a caret ^), and it will take you back to your previous reading position.

2) Or you can click on the superscript jump mark in the footnote (e.g. a b c). The one which takes you back up to where you came from will be highlighted bold.

  • Please note: 2) doesn’t work for wikis where these jump marks are bold by default, e.g. enwiki. If those wikis want to have highlighted superscript jump marks, they would need to change their default style for them to regular.

Have a look at the project page for more information. As always, feedback is very welcome on the project talk page.

Johanna Strodt (WMDE) (talkcontribs)
Trizek (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the ping. I've set a reminder. :)

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