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Edit count seems to be out of sync

Jakel181 (talkcontribs)
AhmadF.Cheema (talkcontribs)

Maybe Extension:Editcount updates the transcluded count after jobs are completed? Which one is higher, the Special page one or the transcluded one?

2001:16B8:1095:C900:4977:3F19:EBE9:C9AA (talkcontribs)

Although I do not know the answer, I have an idea on that one:

The extension is not really counting the edits, it only is increasing a number by one. If this number is incorrect, then the edit count as displayed by the extension is wrong. This can e.g. happen, if the extension has been deactivated for some time.

The transclusion however might just get the counted number of rows from the database so that it gets the right number, even though the number, which the Editcount extension has saved, is wrong.

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

MediaWiki stores it's own edit count on the user table. This is different from how the extension calculates the numbers, which is simply counting the number of rows in the revision table. If a page is deleted, it doesn't update the MediaWiki editcount of the affected users, but those deleted revisions won't be counted for those users, meaning the edit count per namespace will be decreased, while the internal global edit count would still count them. There's also differencies when one renames a page, which creates 2 revisions (one is the redirect page), increasing the edit count by 2 on the extension, but MediaWiki only counts it as 1.

Jakel181 (talkcontribs)
Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)
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