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Answers to a few questions per email

Jo-Jo Eumerus (talkcontribs)

Got a request to answer the following questions from @Harej (WMF):

  • Please read through and let us know: Is this page clear? Does it explain what JADE is and what it is used for? No opinion.
  • Regarding the wiki(s) you edit, how familiar are you with how anti-vandalism patrollers coordinate their activity? Might there be interest in a system for better coordination? I don't think that vandal patrol is coordinated, really. Only thing is that regular users report vandals that don't respond to warnings to administrators and these block/protect/delete as appropriate.
  • How concerned are you, personally, about the potential for AI to become biased and perpetuate bias on the Wikimedia projects? Would you be interested in helping us identify patterns of bias or inaccuracy in ORES? I'd be a bit wary of homophobia mainly, as "gay" is a common vandal term.
  • Do you know who else I should talk to? I'd be tempted to suggest User talk:Iridescent; they often have insightful stances on such projects.
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