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Archiving extensions

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Dinoguy1000 (talkcontribs)

Hi! I've noticed that you've marked a few extensions here as archived. If it's not too much trouble, could you create Phabricator tasks to follow up these archivals? I've already created tasks for the archival of Extension:Preloader (phab:T205952) and Extension:DPL Page Name S/N Maker (phab:T205954), and the general framework for creating these archival requests can be copied from the Cleanup project's description (for each extension, just read through the checklist and fill in details and check off items as necessary; if you don't know what to fill in somewhere, you can leave it alone and someone else will do so for you).

Gisado (talkcontribs)

-revi here (alt because public PC). Please know that DIY is not a helpful comment - as I know you know how to create a phab task, either please do the needful (create a task) or maybe refrain from marking extensions as archived. This creates an weird situation where extension is marked as "archived" on but not actually archived.

You archived the extension on, so I'd say it's your job to create a phabricator task, so DIY actually applies to you.


(I'd suggest you don't hide your past topics: That just makes finding topics harder, especially when it's past misdeed.)