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Matroc (talkcontribs)

Can one just get the actual coordinates of a mapshape from OSM via Wikidata and only that as text (nothing else)? The basic reason is that I have been comparing several hundred positions against various mapshapes (polyons) to see if those positions are within or outside that shape in order to make some selections as POIs. It would make things a bit easier than having to create that information by hand. Thanks... -- ~~~~

Arlo Barnes (talkcontribs)

This is definitely the kind of query Overpass (a popular way to access the OSM API) can handle, but I am not sure how Overpass and Wikidata could be linked.

Matroc (talkcontribs)

Thank you for your response! -- I was originally thinking of the possibility of using a Lua module to access Wikidata/OSM and retrieve it that way... I do remember some time ago downloading by hand from OSM but forgot how I did it lol. It just seemed a nice idea to be able to do something like that. Some OSM entries have a Wikidata ID which links it to Wikidata. On Wikivoyage we use Kartographer which accesses Wikidata's matching OSM (an external process of sorts) and used to create shapes, rail lines etc. on a map. Again -- thank you for your response - I will take a look at Overpass - Best wishes. -- ~~~~

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