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removal of English or own languages from language selection

Giacomo Lanza (talkcontribs)


I often do searches on Wikidata when translating words into multiple languages. Since the number of languages in the preview is limited, I would like to kick off either English, or my mother tongue (Italian), in order to see more of the other languages for which I have more doubts concerning orthography. That seems anyway not possible with the Universal Language Selector: - when adding new languages, the last ones introduced leave the place, while English and my mother tongue are always displayed. Would it be possible to change this behaviour?



Amire80 (talkcontribs)

This is probably not related to Universal Language Selector and more related to Wikidata itself. You can try adding a Babel box to your user page at or to your global user page at

Giacomo Lanza (talkcontribs)

תודה מאוד אמיר,

I tried it and actually something happened. The default language selection corresponds to the Babbel box in my Wikimedia profile, so removing English did work :) Anyway Wikidata allows selecting just *one*. Peace.

до свидания (I would like to know so many languages as you!)


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