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Country and city attribution of geolocated item

Chainastole (talkcontribs)

Hello, MaxSem.

I found your GeoData API very clean, simple and user friendly in retrieving various data according to geo location of the item. But there are difficulties with retrieving country/city affiliation of the item. While country can theoretically be get in a single request (also not always but only if being specified and not in name format but rather by its alphabetic designation), the city is possible to be get only for items which are cities by themselves. Let's imagine I want to determine in one request providing the coordinates of the Sagrada Familia temple the name of the item and that it is located in Barcelona, Spain. As far as I understood there is no way to do that. From the second hand this information does exist for every geo tagged item and is available for example through WikiData SPARQL query service. But then I'll need to need to perform a second request to WikiData which I would have liked to avoid by all means.

Can you advice on the optimal strategy to perform the desired? If not is it possible to add the country/city attributes to GeoData list=geosearch attributes?

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