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Thumbnails get mangled after showing preview and/or saving page.

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When editing existing pages that have images that are bracketed for thumbnails, the editor will add brackets on each save that makes them unusable. An example is: [File:NameOfFile|Picture.png|800px] ... then it adds more brackets and [1]. How can we prevent this from happening? I looked around to see if there's any fixes for it but I didn't see anything.


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Your example [File:NameOfFile|Picture.png|800px] is little confusing to me because in my fresh installation of MW 1.31, that format is not recognized at all by MW. Could you point what situation of this page are you referring to with that syntax?

If I use this syntax [[File:NameOfFile|Picture.png|800px]], I can not reproduce your issue in my MW 1.31 with Wysiwyg 1.5.6_0 [B551-01.07.2018]. It hadles the syntax corretly.

Does it work similarly with different browsers (IE, FF, Chrome) ? (talkcontribs)

Interesting, it might have been an older format from pre 1.29 or something. Thanks for looking into this. It does happen on a variety of browsers. I will see if an older page with two brackets will work fine. (talkcontribs)

Just tried it again, it looks correct in the WYSIWIG editor but once I save it it breaks all the images. (talkcontribs)

It converts Image: to File: (talkcontribs)

For posterity sake, we figured out the issue that was specific to our wiki. It turns out that we had a URI setting to convert File: syntax to file:// which of course broke things. Removing this fixed everything and we're now happy with the extension!

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