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Summary by X-Savitar

Thanks @0x010C for the clarifications :).

0x010C (talkcontribs)


Sorry I forgot in my hurry to comment my edits. I just removed Lingua Libre from the New Developers page, because the linked project is deprecated since september 2017. Since this project grant, we're making a complete rewrite of it. The consequences are that the links are not up to date anymore, and the new version of the project is not ready to welcome developers with little experience of MediaWiki (yet).

Best regards

X-Savitar (talkcontribs)

Hello @0x010C,

Thanks for the clarification. This all makes perfect sense. I didn't see a comment and was wondering but thanks again for clarifying. Also, sorry for quickly reverting your edit :)

Cheers! (talkcontribs)

+1. I managed some com around Lingua libre but 0x010C is the leading voice right now. Follow him. -- Yug