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ClemRutter (talkcontribs)

This section seems to be rather negative, with more comments on potential difficulties than a single simple solution. As usual we are plagued with differing hardware, distros and versions- the classic way forward is first cut out the complexity and document one fixed platform, using one fixed lamp stack and then write the appendices for other configs.

In parallel the BCS has published a case study of computerising rural pharmacies in Cote d'Ivoire with RaspberriPi 3s: here the only way to access the internet is by tethering, and electricity comes from a generator. If you wanted to open a school or college there- you would need to put media -wiki on a lamp stack on a Raspbian with a large USB disk.

If would seem sensible to release an essay on the installation of one flavour of R(L)AMP. then one flavour of Media Wiki, with an concluding example of a simple wiki, and an example of a fr-lang wikipedia mirror.

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