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ConfirmAccount: Prune on every rejection?

Johnywhy (talkcontribs)

Hi Aaron,

thx for ConfirmAccount.

Issue 1: after Admin rejects an account request, the same username/email cannot submit another request., until next prune.

If i want to prune after every rejection, i would call runAutoMaintenance, correct?

Where's the best place to put the call? Can you share a code-snippet?

Issue 2: i refreshed the following 2 pages, 30 times each. Shouldn't that trigger a prune? But, users still cannot submit another request.

Topic on SupportDesk:


Thx! Johny

Johnywhy (talkcontribs)

I think the call to runAutoMaintenance should be placed in function rejectRequest, in file \extensions\ConfirmAccount\business\AccountConfirmSubmission.php

Specifically, i think it can go directly under:

# Clear cache for notice of how many account requests there are
Johnywhy (talkcontribs)
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