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UI feedback: "Review Changes" shouldn't only be behind "Publish" button.

Summary by ESanders (WMF)
NotTheInferno (talkcontribs)

When I make an edit, I almost always hit the review changes button to make sure I haven't accidentally changed anything I didn't mean to (e.g. by accidentally typing a random keyboard letter in the middle of the document while scrolling past it) . The visual wikitext editor puts this feature, and the Preview button, in a separate dialog that only appears after hitting Publish.

For me, this is a very unintuitive UI flow. I don't want to "publish" my edit until after verifying that it's correct and safe. When I'm done changing whatever I want to change, my first instinct is to look around for the diff and preview buttons, and to avoid going anywhere near "Publish" until I've double-checked my work. If a change is only half-done and I want to look at the preview to to see if I used a template correctly, it feels dangerous and uncomfortable to click "publish" with the editor full of not-ready-to-publish work.

The old wikitext editor has separate preview and changes buttons next to the publish button, instead of requiring the user to click the publish button first. Please add similar buttons next to the publish button in the visual editor, or at least a drop-down menu containing them.

Alsee (talkcontribs)

There have been a long stream of complaints about this over a year. So far no one at the WMF has indicated they are going to do anything about it.

I see you came here from English Wikipedia. There's an EnWiki community consensus to block the 2017Editor from being rolled out as the new default editor for more fundamental reasons. So the community has been quite disinterested in having anything fixed.

Jdforrester (WMF) (talkcontribs)
Pinnerup (talkcontribs)

I second this. I just came here for this very issue, after accidentally publishing an edit without an edit summary, because I thought that "Publish edit" would take me to a box where I could input an edit summary, which it didn't, because I was in article preview. It's really confusing that one button has two different functions depending on your current mode.