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Wiki entity types: Splitting revision into "edit" and "version"

Summary by Adamw

Where we decide to use "page", "revision", and "diff" as the target wiki entities for judgment.

EpochFail (talkcontribs)

Hey folks. In order to attach judgments to wiki things, we needed to formalize the concept of "wiki thing". Originally, we came up with the name "wiki artifact" but it turns out that the EventBus people already came across this problem and decided to call them "wiki entities". So in the spirit of conformity, I think we should use "entity" and "wiki entity" from here forward.

OK onto types. Right now, the first thing we want to target is a revision. In the future, we'll likely want to target users, pages, and other wiki entity types.

I've recently realized that "revision" is ambiguous with regards to judgement. We've been using the term to refer to two types of things. In the case of ORES' article quality models, "revision" refers to a specific version of a page while for the edit quality models, "revision" actually refers to a diff (or more specifically an edit action). An edit has different metadata than a version of a page. E.g. an edit has a parent revision and that contains a lot of essential meaning.

So, I've been thinking that we should split "revision" into "version" and "edit" to remove the ambiguity. This is really cool because interfaces that are trying to automatically discover what to render next to a judgement will know that a "edit" judgement should be shown next to a diff and a "version" judgement should be shown next to a full rendering of a page.

These things are encoded into m:Wiki labels as "views". E.g. "PageAsOfRevision" and "DiffToPrevious".

Adamw (talkcontribs)

I like "edit".

There's something fishy about "version". I'd like it to be more obvious, like "article snapshot".

+1 "wiki entity", but only because it already exists :-)

EpochFail (talkcontribs)

hmm maybe re "version" we can stick with "revision" since it's common language in MediaWiki.