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i need translate system french japones or english japones

Z.zen2111961 (talkcontribs)

did you know how to do where the better?


Shanen (talkcontribs)

Unclear question, so I'm guessing (including as to who you are and why you'd be asking me). If you mean machine translation between (French and Japanese) or (English and Japanese), then Google Translate is usually adequate for the gist. There are some other good options for English and Japanese, such as the Excite translator, which has a good round-trip option. Links:

Z.zen2111961 (talkcontribs)


thanks for the links

I don't really know how to write English very well.

I speak Russian Portuguese not English. Never learned

But, I don't see how my request for information can make me think that I am not clear, simply by asking which site translated from French into Japanese, and indeed I am not clear in the ZEN sense of the term. If there is reincarnation and if every life I have to guess a perpetual REUPDATE ZEN according to my nature, from which no human being escapes, nor to his destiny, your answer becomes disproportionate to my initial request. anti-social limit.

I don't want to be arrogant but in its terms and conditions to exchange on wikipedia you must be struggling to ask yourself unnecessary questions.

in life you have to do things to do them without trying to force yourself to think and understand. we are here on wikipedia to exchange everything. would you be Japanese by any chance?

I am looking to meet ZEN businessmen in Japan to explain to them how I live ZEN and give a meaning to what I still have to live on earth to do things without asking myself any questions without feelings without compassions.

here is the reason why I was looking for a place to translate, because all the sites present syntax and vocabulary errors in translation mode, the translated text once translated made incomprehensible to the one who reads it.

zen informative title says that those who hear about ZEN l deserved

freedom of thought if I want to look at what it is all about

WHO AM I? Luc 55 ans le havre city France normandie. I have difficulty following the movement of technology and computers. I have difficulty with my eyes only writing on the computer and on my back.

lucrative day best regard


Shanen (talkcontribs)

Your English is not grammatically correct. Again.

Z.zen2111961 (talkcontribs)

yes it s a basic problem about translate french engleh on first step on computer

whet i was speeking about in my first message

shanen WHO ARE YOU ? nationality ?

i go walking in the street center le havre market old thinks for respiration "air"

to read you

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