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suggestion: octagonal boundary

MfortyoneA (talkcontribs)

the tool allows placing rectangular boundaries; might it be an idea to default to octagonal areas - rectangles with some % of the corners clipped off, to better approximate random shapes in images; then offer a UI option to tweak that shape (change to a rectangle, or adjust),

one problem is objects aligned diagonally, rectangles poorly approximate these. without being too fiddly, a couple of octagonal areas could better approximate those. Or you could have a easy few options, without having to go as far as a 'vertex/edge manipulation'/'general polygonal outlines' e.g.

  /===\  default outline shape - octagonal
  |   |
  +===+  rectangular
  |   |
   /=+   left-diagonal
  /  /
  +=\     right-diagonal
  \  \

even without adjusting the shape, placing a couple of octagonal regions could better approximate a diagonal region

   /==|\  |
   |  ||  |
   |  \|==/
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