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Two major issues: it takes too much space and is too jumpy

Piramidion (talkcontribs)

Hi, I'm from ukwiki as well. I don't use these filters, but keep them switched on just to see how they change after some fixes, and to check for missing translations on translatewiki (right now I'm a bit busy to go and translate everything there). Besides, our community has been proposed to take a look at these filters and express some opinions. So here are my complaints.

First of all, why does the filters interface take so much space? I think the inscriptions are too large, but that's not the major problem. The major is: what is all that white space for?

I think it should be redesigned to become more compact and convenient to use.

Secondly, the jumpiness, as mentioned by Base below. I'm not sure if he's been understood correctly. So here's my explanation. If you place a cursor in the search field, the list of filters will open. I have noticed that the list is scalable, and it looks OK and should be set as default as on this example:

Instead now, the moment you place the cursor, it forcibly jumps down to show the bigger list.

I think you should preserve the user's right to choose if one wants to stay at the top of the page or move down to see a larger list of filters. Another issue which you can easily reproduce:

  1. Open uk:Special:RecentChanges in ukwiki with the New review filters feature enabled and 'Other review tools' open.
  2. Place a cursor in the search field (the page will jump down to show the larger list)
  3. Move up to the top of the page using a mouse wheel (the filters list will shorten to fit the page)
  4. Switch to any another tab in your browser
  5. Switch back to the RecentChanges tab (you'll be forcibly moved down the page again)
  6. Repeat the steps 3, 4 and 5 several times just to realize how annoying this can be. (In case that's a separate browser problem, right now I'm using Chrome.)

I hope all this information will somehow help you to improve this feature.

Trizek (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Hi Piramidion and thank you for your constructive feedback.

As explained on the topic you mention, the blank space problem at the bottom of the is going to be fixed. This is due to the "Show/Hide reviewed edits" option (ticket is now T159791); I've reported your feedback there.

We are also working on a gadget or a small hack to reduce the filter list height, particularly by removing the filters descriptions. This will be only for advanced users: less experienced users will appreciate to have explantation of the different filters. Would you appreciate to have it when it will exist?

The idea for this project is to gain space on the RecentChanges page, which is the case when you collapse the "other review tool" panel: it takes less space than the default RC configuration. From what I've extrapolated from other wikis, the page with the panel open will take the same room on your wiki when the "Show/Hide reviewed edits" option will be fully integrated.

Concerning jumping, comparing your feedback to Base's one, I think I've understood what you both meant. :) However, I still don't understand something: can you explain why is it better for all users (especially newcomers and people with a smaller screen) to have this small list instead of that more readable one? This concern about the jumping is new for us. We haven't read any feedback about it in the past, that no one has complained about it during the testing sessions. Can you clarify it? :)


Piramidion (talkcontribs)

The filter names are quite descriptive themselves, so yes, I would appreciate to have such a gadget to remove the unnecessary descriptions. But again, I think that the font size is just too large, compared to all the other text on the page.

As for the jumping issue, I'm not trying to tell that we need a small list, it should remain scalable, so that if a user moves down the page, it should become larger, limited only to a page height (but not larger than that). I'm trying to explain that the jumpiness itself should be removed. If the search field isn't located at the top (but not the very top) of the page, and you click to put a cursor in it, the page jumps. Only try to open the RecentChanges in ukwiki, move down the page so that the filters' search field is located in the middle, and click it (I expect it to look something like this) - the page will jump down (and end up with this again). It's extremely annoying. I even don't know how to explain this - to me it is obvious, and I don't know how to explain obvious things.

Open a Facebook wall with some videos. Locate some inactive video half above the bottom of a page (or half below the top). Then click it to play. Does the page jump down (or up) for you to watch the video? No it doesn't.

Or on Goodreads - open some drop-down menu, or open a book name to see reviews and click "more" to open some large review. Does it jump down for you to have a better look? No it doesn't. It's up to a user if one wants to move down and see everything, or to stay where one is at the moment. Do you see what I mean?

Just another example - I want to pick one of three first items of the filters' list. Why should I be distracted by a sudden page move, if I don't need the full list of filters?

Before implementing this feature by default, I would recommend you to fix these issues somehow.

Thanks for your replies!

Trizek (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Thanks for your replies as well!

Concerning the jumping, your explanation with the screenshots is clear. I've filled a ticket for the team about providing a margin on top of the filter list to have the filter toolbar more or less centered when you click on it (like on

This can be an improvement if the suggestion is accepted. I however don't see it as a blocker for deployment, because it is not fundamentally blocking users when they use the filters.

Trizek (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Some replies have been provided on Phabricator. Please read them there: I can't copy them here because of images. A fix will be deployed concerning small jumps.

Piramidion (talkcontribs)

Thanks. We'll see if that will somehow improve the overall user experience. I doubt it would be enough, and if the devs don't want to entirely disable that jumping thing, I think there will still remain some issues to fix (as the case with a jumping page after switching tabs). But one fix at a time to see what it all comes up with, generally is a justified approach.

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