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SirLouen (talkcontribs)

I'm not sure what is the Wikipage Structure that was meant for Polyglot when created

For example, lets say that we start with Main_Page

We install Polyglot, then if we create Main_Page/es automatically we will have Interlanguage link for Spanish in the left, same happens if we have Main_Page/en, with ULS and English selected for anonymus visitors.

But for example, if we prefer to have a Page called Pagina_Principal (Main Page in Spanish), then, how may we adequately perform this linking?

What I've done is:

  1. Create a new page called Pagina_Principal
  2. Put a REDIRECT in Main_Page/es to Pagina_Principal
  3. Create a new page called Pagina_Principal/en
  4. Put a REDIRECT in Pagina_Principal/en to Main_Page/en

This way I have interlanguage links in both Pages (Main_Page/en + Pagina_Principal)

What I'm thinking it's if I should be doing for just every page in my site, it will be really difficult to maintain:

Lets say I create a new Page call Rice

Then I will have to create a page called Rice/es

Then another page called Arroz

Then another page called Arroz/en

Redirect Rice/es to Arroz

And Redirect Arroz/en to Rice

4 Page for every two languages

Things will go worse if I have to maintain 3 language (or 4)

If I add french then I will have to create Rice/fr + Riz + Riz/es + Riz/en + Arroz/fr

  1. Redirect Rice/fr to Riz
  2. Redirect Riz/es to Arroz
  3. Redirect Riz/en to Rice
  4. Redirect Arroz/fr to Riz

Therefore, 9 pages for 3 languages and 6 Redirects.

With 4 languages, lets say Riso (it), I will have to create:

  1. Riso
  2. Riso/es
  3. Riso/en
  4. Riso/fr
  5. Riz/it
  6. Arroz/it
  7. Rice/it

And Redirects:

  1. Riso/es to Arroz
  2. Riso/en to Rice
  3. Riso/fr to Riz
  4. Riz/it to Riso
  5. Arroz/it to Riso
  6. Rice/it to Riso

Therefore 16 Pages in total + 12 redirects.

Summary: It's impossible to scale the Wiki with this structure. So at this point I think I'm doing something wrong

Any ideas to solve this?

2003:62:5E13:E800:EC1C:1DE5:B4DA:1BE5 (talkcontribs)

Hi, no you are not doing something wrong. While this would be ok for 2-3 languages, the usual solution when you have too many languages is to stay with one language for the page urls (usually English),

so Rice , Rice/fr, Rice/es, Rice/it, etc.

Even Wikidata is doing this ( ).

Then you have all the urls in English, but the page title that is displayed can be changed.

I have not tried it but apparently you have to use {DISPLAYTITLE:Riz}

and set this to false Manual:$wgRestrictDisplayTitle

and/or maybe use this extension Extension:Display Title

Another solution is to create smaller wikis for each language, not use polyglot, but use standard interwiki links instead.

I hope it helps.

Kipcool (talkcontribs)

I posted that reply above

SirLouen (talkcontribs)

Yes Kipcool this is what I did: 1 lang + Display Titles.

But I feel the extension it's missing the possibility of linking different interlanguage pages for the same topic.

And the wiki farm I also thought about it, the problem is that it's an overkill for me, because there won't be more than 500 articles per language, so it's a lot of updating job for a small project (it may grow bigger, but I'm uncertain about it).

I'm going to stick to the displaytitle option with "normalized" links in 1 language since it's the most comfortable option at this moment.

Thanks for your advice, I wanted to know more from one of the maintainers, because I have the feeling it's not a very trendy extension.