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Running Composer with the Plesk interface

Cavila (talkcontribs)

Parallels Plesk has built-in support for Composer these days (see here for some docs), which may be good 'news' (not that new maybe) in particular to MediaWiki users depending on shared hosting solutions. What are the opportunities and possible pitfalls of using the Plesk control panel to run Composer and install extensions for MW?

One problem I noticed is that all composer.json files can be automatically detected and then used to install or update dependencies, but that MW itself has switched to composer.local.json, which is outside the scope.

Varlin (talkcontribs)

Hi. Personally I've already used once Plesk to launch mediawiki/core/composer.json in order to install Semantic media wiki AND Semantic results formats. As far as I know it is the only way to get it when you are on a shared host with no shell access (There are tarballs for SMW, but not for SRF).

But recently, I clicked on "Scan" in the Plesk/Applications interface, and then almost every applications have disapeared in the list, except one file in root (public_html/composer.json)... And I can't get them back and I don't know why... Anyone else is having this problem ?

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