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Safety and Anti-Harassment

Mattflaschen-WMF (talkcontribs)

We should make sure the Code of Conduct is integrated correctly everywhere. I think the best thing to do is mention it concisely where appropriate here, and for organizers refer them to the training module/meta:Training modules/Keeping events safe (these are different formats of the same document) for detailed information about how to actually run a safe event (before, during, and after). I've made suggestions there (related to the CoC and otherwise).

I've boldly made some edits (to Hackathons/FAQ, Hackathons/Handbook/Team, Hackathons/Handbook/Venue (minor), Hackathons/Handbook/Emergencies, Hackathons/Handbook/Diversity (minor), Hackathons/Handbook/Manage participants, Hackathons/Handbook/Design, Hackathons/Handbook/Communicate with participants, Hackathons/Handbook/Event week, and Hackathons/Handbook/After the event), but I wanted to raise this so people can review, and in case I missed anything.

Also, per above, I would suggest Hackathons/Handbook/Emergencies be removed, pointing to meta:Training modules/Keeping events safe instead (or at least significantly shortened), to avoid redundancy (but first there is stuff that has to be moved to the training module).

Thanks for putting together this awesome guide (Vienna was a great hackathon).

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