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Meeting minutes from Collab Team coordination

Adamw (talkcontribs)

Meeting notes 2017/07/24

Present: JMatazzoni, AWight

  • Adam is thrilled with the new preferences design.  Basic/Legacy ORES prefs will now live on a “Monitoring Changes” tab, in a context that makes sense and should be easy to find.  The preferences themselves will be the same controls we currently display on both the Watchlist and Recent Changes tabs.
  • Joe will revisit the noscript case, but it’s probably going to be the same as the “Users who don’t have the new UX at all” (case #3) in the draft preferences design, where the user has chosen to forgo the new RC filters and instead use the “basic” versions of the filtering UI.
  • We discussed qualifying the Revision Scoring field group with an adjective like “Basic”, and explaining in the description text that a whole new interface is available, these prefs only apply to the old-school UI.
  • Looked over T167911 together and agreed to the “Current agreements”.
  • We discussed the configuration to enable Extension:ORES UI separate from the infrastructure.  We thought it would make sense for this config to also control the legacy ORES elements, so from the user’s perspective, nothing changes when we deploy the extension in pure infrastructure mode.  T167908
  • Once this quarter ends, Collaboration’s position on maintenance is something like:
    • Bugfixes are budgeted into the team’s nominal 50% reserve capacity for tech debt, and will get onto their workboard.  As an example, deploying a new type of model which would require new filters could  fit into the maintenance category.
    • Other new features for the ORES UX are not planned at this time. But Collab Team would be very happy to talk about them and, if they are not too sizeable, may be able to work them in.
    • If there are big new ideas that would require substantial development, the Collaboration team would be honored to have a conversation to figure out what to do.  They would have to schedule big stuff in the Annual Plan (process underway now).

Collaboration is planning to help with the Wiki Labels upload next quarter, but it’s only on the unofficial roadmap.  No other ORES work is on their roadmap.