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We have a problem with local links (file://)

6 (talkcontribs)


We have installed the current version 1.28 from MediaWiki.

Unfortunately the previously used local links (file://///server/ordner/...) can’t be open anymore.

Previously used version from MediaWiki: 1.13. 

After the add of links from „$wgUrlProtocols[] = "file://";“ in the LocalSettings.php shows now the links as link.

But when you click on the link, nothing happens.

Source of the information:$wgUrlProtocols


The browser (IE, Edge, FF) are customized to open local files.

Thanks. :)

Osnard (talkcontribs)


AFAIK modern web browsers do not open file protocol links by default. IE may be an exception if you configure your site to be recognized as local intranet and maybe change security settings.

Firefox will need some AddOn like LocalLink. Maybe this will help you too:


Robert (talkcontribs)


the browser (IE, Edge, FF) are customized to open local files. :)

Wargo (talkcontribs)

Valid code: [file://server/ordner/ link]. If not work, what url shows after hovering a mouse on it? (talkcontribs)


The five slashes are only implemented because of FF, otherwise he can not handle the File-Link (see below).

On Wiki Version 1.13  everything works, on Wiki Version 1.28 not.

The link gets recognized but nothing happens on klick.


- Code: [file://///server/ordner/ link]

IE/Edge = file://server/ordner/ ... FF = file://///server/ordner/

-Code: [file://server/ordner/ link]

IE/Edge = file://server/ordner/ ... FF = file:///ordner/ (talkcontribs)


As is usually the case … the failure was really on my side.

Since the new Wiki works on a test environment, we had to take the test server in the security settings of the IE.

You always think tricky, but you don’t think obvious.

Thank you for your effort. :)