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Installation on a Wiki Family Sharing same resources and without CentralAuth

Atef81 (talkcontribs)


I am setting up a new wiki Family on my server using the "Multiple wikis sharing common resources" method. the url setup is like this: for English, for German...etc

Since it is a new installation, I don't have CentralAuth, I was thinking of using a shared database as suggested by the CentralAuth Extension documentation here.

I read your discussion from a couple of years ago, but I am unable to determine the following:

1- Can the extension translate page names? so can I achieve: for English, for German?

2- Can it work with the type of wikifamily I mentioned above?

3- Can it work withthe shared db, in lieu of the CentralAuth extension?

4- Does it translate Category names?

Thanks a lot.

Amire80 (talkcontribs)
  1. Yes, in Content Translation you can give the page any name you want.
  2. I'm not sure that I understand the kind of wiki family you have. Is it CentralAuth or not? I certainly recommend CentralAuth, because it will allow interlanguage links like in Wikipedia, and clean separation between each language version. It will work also without CentralAuth, and it will simply publish everything to the same wiki, and you'll either have to tell your users to take care of the naming, or to add a patch to Content Translation that will give such names automatically. (We only focus on Wikipedia's needs, but patches that add support for other kinds of architectures are very sincerely welcome.)
  3. Yes, it has its own shared DB. See the "Translation database" section. CentralAuth is highly recommended for convenient user account handling and separation between languages. It's a bit tricky to set up (to be honest, the last time I did it myself was in 2012), but it's much more convenient once it's done.
  4. Yes, but only if:
    1. You set up separate wikis.
    2. You set up interlanguage links.
    3. The corresponding category pages exist on both wikis, and are linked using an interlanguage link.
Atef81 (talkcontribs)

@Amire80 Thanks you very much for the detailed response.

As for the type of wiki family I have, it is the  "Multiple wikis sharing common resources" (link to the exact spot in the documentation). I currently don't have CentralAuth, as the centralAuth documentation advise against installing it for new fresh wiki installation. Please check the link here under (Warning).

However, I will get it installed to reap the benefits you mentioned.

As the video demonstration of the Content translation Extension page on Youtube (link) shows the titles as: "",, my question was whether there are settings to modify this to be: "https://site..cet/en" "https://site..cet/ca" ? Or is the extension just following the setup of the wiki family and produce content accordingly?

Thanks again.

Amire80 (talkcontribs)

If I'm not mistaken, you'll have to define a custom value for ContentTranslationSiteTemplates. See the file extension.json in the ContentTranslation extension source code for this variable's components. @Nikerabbit may have more precise information.

(And yes, we really should document all these configuration variables.)

Amire80 (talkcontribs)

@Atef81 Thanks for asking these questions, they are quite important. As a follow up to your questions, I expanded the documentation at Extension:ContentTranslation a bit. I hope that you find useful.

Even though at the moment we only have time for making ContentTranslation work with Wikipedia, we do hope that it is useful on other sites as well.

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