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Use readers to choose images from wikidata for articles

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One common problem with Wikipedia articles is that they often don't have images or in some cases editors use images that don't really represent the concept covered, for instance, the article about money contains an ambiguous image in the infobox that doesn't necessarily mean money. It will also be hard to edit a page to change images due to them being added from templates such as infoboxes.

Instead, one approach is to use the image from wikidata to surface the general image of the concept, e.g. "money" regardless of what editors choose locally, in a similar manner to how wikidata descriptions are being surfaced regardless of what editors write in their lede. Indeed, currently the image in English wikipedia is not neutral, as it represents only two currencies used in two continents, so a non-native English speaker who may have never seen either a dollar or a Euro may be confused. This could also be designed to only show up whenever none of the article images are the same as wikidata.

With the help of readers, and an interface similar or exactly like wikigrok this could instantly add commons images to tens of thousands, if not millions of pages with little effort, by applying the same idea of only allowing it once a certain threshold of users agrees with it. For example, it could ask questions like "is this the image of Albert Einstein", "Is this the image of the Eiffel tower", using the image labels / descriptions / metadata as a hint.

It would also help with the problem of Extension:Popups in cases where it doesn't have any image to show by just falling back to a wikidata image. Perhaps it could be implemented as the idea described in (

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