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ArgonSim (talkcontribs)

I know it's lazy to commission this job to someone else (and chances are that I'm asking this in the wrong place), but could you please send me a link to the discussion where it was decided to set apart pt and pt-br translations? I find this to be a significant inconvenience, specially when you consider the increasing effort to establish a single official orthography for the Portuguese language.

The worst part of it is having to translate every single page twice, which is pretty pointless since the resulting difference is insignificant at best.

He7d3r (talkcontribs)

As I said at Topic:Tk1zxsy3xv71g1la, if a message is translated the same way in the two variants, there is no need to translate it twice because MediaWiki uses language fallback to show the existing translation to users who choose the variant.

Also, we need both (and more) if we ever get the real LanguageConverter for Portuguese instead of my gadget LanguageConverter (see pt:WP:Conversor de idiomas, phab:T28121 and pt:WP:Esplanada/propostas/Conversor de idiomas para as variantes do português (30mai2010)).

For the creation of both translations, see the oldest ticket documented at pt:WP:Histórico de configurações.

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