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Jayantanth (talkcontribs)

Hi all, together with Andrea (User:Aubrey), Bodhisattwa (User:Bodhisattwa) and Jayanta (User:Jayantanth) we have put together a page about the"Wikisource Anniversary Proofreading Contest" (WAPC). If I recall correctly, the first WAPC was organised for the first time 3 years ago in November in occasion of the 10th anniversary of Wikisource. You can find more info about WAPCs on Meta: there you can find some tips on how to run a WAPC in your local Wikisource.

   We have also put together a set of tools on GitHub - under the
   umbrella of a new "organisation" called `wscontest` - here they are:
   you can find the repos for some tools
   * the votecounter script, to count the points for each contestant;
   * the ranking script, to designate the winner (who has the most
   points) and to draw the second and third-place winners;
   These tools are also available on Tool Labs under the `wscontest`:
   The documentation, at least for the votecounter script, is quite
   extensive and I think that with this tools it would be possible to run
   a contest in your local Wikisource, provided that you find someone
   with Tool Labs access which can help with running the scripts.
   However, it would be very nice if we could write a nice front-end for
   everything so that organizing a contest. counting votes, and
   establishing the winner, so that it becomes easy and can be done by
   any community without technical support. Basically, we would need to
   design and code some front-end:
   * a page where you create a contest and upload a book list and define
   the parameters of the contest: starting and ending date, how points
   are awarded, etc.;
   * a page where you launch the votecount script and collect the results;
   * a page where you launch the ranking script and get the winners
   posted on Wikisource;
   It would also be very nice if we could add some authentication with
   Wikimedia/Wikisource credentials.
   I would like to see if we can gather some interest and help for coding
   this idea. Alas, I have little time myself to code what is needed, but
   Jayanta can also help and we already have a small team. You can also
   put your name on meta here:
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