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Notes from Editing design meeting

Prtksxna (talkcontribs)

Discussing with @Pginer-WMF:

  • Specific examples for personas
    • Like Solar System image for student learning
  • Think about:
    • Different places where annotations can be explored
      • The images
      • List of annotations (useful in the wikimania group photos, search for someone etc)
      • Types of annotations (maybe someone only wants to see the people, or just the places)
    • People encouraged to annotate anything? Like each window in a building? What is the policy? It might be useful to me, but not for anyone else.
    • Find out from both editors and users, if FA becomes common, what kind of things we need to think about
    • Readers suggesting that a certain annotations are useless, and then figure out a process to get rid of them or flag them
    • ImageTweaks, when you crop, there could be an automatic annotation of sorts?
    • Not get in the way of viewing an image
      • Nicer to see the Mona Lisa without the frame being filled with annotations
  • Mockups:
    • Not sure about the scroll by fade-in-out, might become distracting. 
      • Should test with users
      • Add icon? With an indicator of how many annotations there are on this image
      • While it makes sense on the File page, in an article there are already too many elements
    • Notification for encouragement
      • Maybe prompt the user who uploaded, see if there are links in the description
      • Maybe we need to indicate when it is description and when its related
MfortyoneA (talkcontribs)

could annotations be layered, such that you can pervasively link but just not highlight everything to the same extent. e.g. the attention-grabbing outline appears for 'primary' annotations, whilst 'secondary' annotations just get a simple tooltip as you glide the cursor around.

Then people could saturate the pages with links, allowing maximum discovery.

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