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Notes from the Multimedia standup

Prtksxna (talkcontribs)
  • Could do two separate things mobile/desktop (on file page)
    • Flash for mobile, because they have no hover
      • Listen for focus/unfocus events on the tab/window so we don't flash at nothing
      • Refer to Volker's research to figure out how long the flash needs to be
    • First hover event on image hides annotations for desktop
  • In articles, scroll events that bring you past images could trigger a flash
  • Explore using categories/WD items to look for "people" or what have you, so we can encourage tagging (later feature?)
  • Viewing...
    • Commons category -> five random (or non-random, explore options) images, link to category
    • Wikipedia article -> HoverCards-like summary
    • Wikidata item -> description, links to other projects with context ("learn" via WP, "define" via Wikt, "see more" via Commons, etc.)
    • Map location -> map? (optional)
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